The Jester Engine is a project under development! It's a API for Online Match Maker made server side in JAVA 8 and Unity C#, and AIR As3 as a clinet. Take a look at the schema:
The project is under development, but there are a lot of stuff already done.

This is the Entry Point for making a server. With this class you can initialize the games you are making and give the unique id for it, as well as handling the first login stuff and redirect the messages to the right places. This project uses the #jesterengine, the #gamepersistencebdb and the game itself, for e.g. in this case we could use the #jesterticktacktoe. But you can have many games as you want on the server.

The network engine made with https://netty.io. The engine of the game itself, it handles the games structure the Action Based games or Turn Based Games. Events such as game start, game finish, turn start, end, creation of new games and others. It also handles the message receiving and sending during the game, the Achievements, Ranking etc...

Almost every game have to same something on the database. This is a implementation of the NoSQL database berkeley DB which is a super fast database. But you can handle all these events in any sql databases. By now we're using this database. But we're going to offer MongoDB, and relational databases as MySQL, Postgrees, SQLServer etc...

This is and example game of the Game of Tic Tac Toe, wich uses the #jesterengine to handle the events and the game itself.

The client for the jester engine made in C#. It has all the stuff for handling login and message sending, having an implementation of common methods for handling the game play like send plays, send the turn is over or send something differnet related to the gameplay.

This is a helper API that the jesterclientcshar uses. It handles the raw network stuff to send the messages via socket to the client. It also have the authentication steps to the server.

I'm Felipe Chaves
Game Developer
I love to develop the best experience the user can have
Whatever the project I'm involved in.
Attention to details is everything in the process of Programming
We're made of emotions: programming is the art of dealing with end user emotions when solving a task. Every user, from medical users to game players, they have something in common: they don't really know what is good or not, they just have a feel; to comprehend the expectations and the fellings of the users is the key to deploy the best product.
To get the best experience for the user, project manager/designer must care (and mathematically analyse) how to filter the best solutions, taking into account the pragmatism between the ideal design versus the real possible design in a giving situation.
But programming and managing a project is not just a mathematical issue, it is the art of comprehend people. With these principles in mind, giving everything of me, I always tried to give the best the end user can experience with an expression of me which affects many human lifes: a computer program.
Thats the beautify of programming, thats the beautify of coding and collaboration with all the available technologies that we have nowadays. If people connects each other better, not just coding for itself, I believe good products can take full advangate of this, not just because there is a product that will be coded and deliverd to the market, but because the code matters. Code really change lives building new reality.
Motivation, creativity, organisational and research skills are more important than experience.
But here I listed some of my abilities related to Programming Languages and Dev Projects.
Unity2D & 3D / AR/VR & C#
- More than 50 casual/online games developed; Card Games and Cassino games; +50 thousand users online;
- Native C++ XR plugin development experience;
- C# Client TCP/UDP online socket development;
- Faced many profile and optimization problems;
- Work with JAVA since 2002
- Network development TCP/UDP server
- Backend development in many areas since payment systems to leaderboard stuff
- 3D graphics and physics engine developed in OpenGL in pure JAVA
- More than 20 client games developed
- Resource management for clients
- Firebase, GameServices, GoogleAnalytics, Push Notifications, Expansion Files etc...
- Socket client TCP connection and resources
OpenGL & Core 3D Development
- Support Windows/Linux/Mac
- Support formats: OBJ, 3DS; Scene loader
- 2D and 3D scene support; Materials, Shaders (Vertex, Fragment and Geometry shader support)
- Physics: JBullet, ODE, JNewton; Audio: OpenAL positional sound.
Object Oriented Programming / Design Patterns
- Many different kind of projects I worked with
- 3D Engine conception from scratch
- Web Development cycle from Backend to front-end passing though infra structure
- Conception of TCP/UDP Sever x Client game's infrastructure
Finantial Real Time Systems
- Forex and Stock Market real time Analisys
- Connection to differnet brokers for real time operations
- AI algorithms for decision taking in real time
- Creation of information system for Real State in Brazil as well as the website and infrastructure for info display.
- Front-end development in ASPX
- Backend Development of Managing system in VBNet
- Azure and AWS backend development
- IIS and Azure and other infrastructure optimizations for site with traffic of about 1 milion users monthly.
Other Tecnologies
- NoesisGUI C++, custom C++ Engine UI.
- Unreal Engine & C++, some game client projects developed.
- Web Development: Javascript, HTML/CSS a lot of experience 5y with this.
- Infra/DevOps: docker, Azure and AWS cloud experience.
- Delphi/C/SQL: 7 years developing commercial softwares.
Years of experience
Big Projects involed
Happy Clients
Here are some videos and examples of my main projects
Play the videos bellow and take a look :-)
Please do not hesitate on sending me a message
See bellow the ways of getting in contact:
   Call me:
    + 55   (48)   9 9 9 4 2 6 5 9 9
   E-mail me:
    f e l c h s @ g m a i l . c o m
   Florianopolis / Brazil - Willing to relocate
   Working VISA needed in some countries
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